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Yoder Building Company delivery truck with a shed on the trailer

Delivery and Setup Checklist

Make sure you have room for your building. Site preparation involves careful planning. Take a hard look at the area where the building will be installed to make sure there is a clear path for the trailer carrying the portable building. The truck and trailer often require more room than many customers anticipate. Make sure trees, limbs, and shrubbery are clear. Be aware of septic tanks. Some common obstructions include fences, gates, decks, or overhangs on your house or garage. Please call if you are unsure whether you have enough room.

Move items such as grills, swing sets, firewood, and cars out of the way before the building is delivered. If the delivery driver has to move these items for you, there will be an additional delivery charge.

Wet weather is generally not suitable for delivering a portable shed. If your storage building is scheduled to be delivered, and you think your yard is too wet for delivery, please call before your building is brought out. We do not fix yards, so use your judgement to determine if it is dry enough for delivery.

We do not provide blocking service for 14×32 and larger buildings. You must prepare a level concrete or gravel pad for buildings of this size.

Some cities and towns require building permits before buildings are delivered. If you are unsure whether you need a permit, you should call your local town or county offices.

Delivery Policies

Price includes delivery within a 50 mile radius of Senecaville, Ohio. Additional delivery charges apply to locations outside of the 50 mile radius.

Your storage building will be brought in on a truck and hydraulic tilt bed trailer. The trailer will need to back onto your building site. Once the trailer and building is right on top of your site, the trailer is tilted back and the building slides off.

After your building is off the trailer, it can be moved or turned slightly. However, if you decide you want the storage building moved to a different spot after it is unloaded, there will be an additional charge to reload your building and move it. If the driver has already left the premises and needs to return, additional mileage charges will apply.

Any Questions About Getting a Storage Building Delivered?

If you’re not sure we can deliver to your place, you can request a free site inspection. If we decide we can’t deliver a storage shed we have already built, we can also erect a new one on-site for an additional charge.

Feel free to contact us for delivery costs over 50 miles, to request a free site inspection, or to ask any other questions you might have.

Need help choosing your options?
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