Well a short summer passes and the winter season is right around the corner. Soon enough the cold winter rains and snow will be coming. Are you leaving your hard earned tools or toys such as mowers and 4 wheelers outside in the weather. Keeping your items in a dry, secure storage building will add years to the life of tools and equipment. Yoder Building company sells and delivers sheds year round but as you can imagine delivery and setup is much more challenging in the winter weather.

If you’re thinking about adding a storage building to your property, the fall season is the ideal time to do it. A quality Yoder storage shed or cabin adds beauty and value to your home and provides a durable attractive and long lasting storage solution.

If you’re concerned about the financial commitment you may be interested in our rent-to-own payment plan which is a very simple and no hassle way to get the building of your choice and make payments over a 36 month term.